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Celebrating 23 Years of Youth and Community Enrichment!

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Our Mission

We are here to educate our youth in the basic principles of sports and sportsmanship. This involves training their bodies for strength, endurance and agility while training their minds to have excellence of character, including integrity, morale strength, and honor in self and team.

We are a non-profit organization that strives to provide the youth of La Vernia with a place to play Football, Cheer and learn the basic principles of teamwork.


PONY Baseball

PONY is an acronym, which stands for Protect Our Nation's Youth. PONY Baseball and Softball is dedicated to creating a safety first/ fundamentally sound and challenging game for children of all ages and skill levels. With field sizes and dimensions best suited to appropriate age play and rules designed to allow each charter their own ability to create the best style of baseball and softball tailored to your own community's needs. PONY also takes it a step further requiring children to participate in divisions with kids of the same age. For example, 9 year olds won't have to fear playing against 12 year olds. Nine year olds only face players ages 10 and under in the Mustang Division. Players age 11-12 play in the Bronco Division and player 13-14 in the Pony Division. PONY Baseball and Softball also offers a (And Under) program to accommodate those players who wish to play up a level. Currently our baseball program is closed to focus on bettering our football program and our facilities.

TYFA Cheer

A TYFA year is split into 2 seasons. Spring is for fun and Fall is very competitive. Each is mutually exclusive of the other. TYFA cheerleaders cheer for football games and then (in the Fall only) have a State Cheer Competition with the highest scoring squad going to a national event. In the Cheer Program there are 6 eligible age brackets all of which may compete.

  • Tinies (3-4 year olds)
  • Flag (4-5 year olds)
  • Tykes (6-7 year olds)
  • Rookies (8-9 year olds)
  • Juniors (10-11 year olds)

Cheer is available for both Boys and Girls with no discrimination against their size or weight. In the Fall, prior to the football playoffs starting, a massive State Cheer Competition is held. Squads are broken down in the competition:

  • Mascot
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each of these is further broken down by Large squad and Small squad. In addition to squad size, each of these is broken down by the age brackets above and a ”Mixed" bracket can be added. Single and Tandem competitions are also available.

TYFA Football

For Tackle Football TYFA uses a combination of the NCAA rules and a set of "home grown" rules that are modifications to the NCAA set and provide the unique rules to TYFA.  TYFA uses their own set of rules for Flag.

TYFA has 2 seasons, Spring and Fall.  Each is slightly different and are explained in the appropriate Structure menu item on the right.

TYFA has 5 eligible age brackets which are available to both Boys and Girls with no discrimination against their size or weight.

Eligibility is determined by what age an athlete will be on 8/1/current year

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